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About This Event

World Feed The Poor Day & Award Night 2022 will be a landmark event for us. This is our inaugural event that will set the pace for this unique event aimed at changing lives across the globe.

We are starting small but aiming at making it become the biggest event in a few years to come.

Poverty hurts but we are celebrating with fun having full assurance that lives will be enriched by God’s grace through our collective collaborative efforts.


Morning Session– The Outreach Venue (free)

FTP Outreach starts at 7am and ends by 2pm. We dedicate 7 hours every August 2nd to meet the needs of the poor in our local communities through various volunteers who give at least 1 hour of their time to serve. The most important aspect of this outreach is to administer NAF (Need Application Form) which helps in collecting data and the basic needs of the people and helps us meet those needs within the next 12 calendar months or prior the next World Feed The Day.


The outreach is about giving free gifts to those in need. We work with other nonprofits to express love to humanity on this day. These gifts include but are not limited to Food, Clothes, shoes, shelter, free medicare, business support, jobs, scholarships etc.

Partners work with their volunteers to deliver the same value and promote their cause on this day. Funds raised by partners and collaborating nonprofits are used to promote their cause so long it is for poverty alleviation.



This year’s World Feed The Poor Day Outreach is scheduled to hold everywhere there is a need. In the United States, Feed The Poor Outreach is held on August 2nd at Arthur Storey Park Houston Texas by Sam Houston Tollway.

Arthur Storey Park · Address: 7114 West Sam Houston Pkwy S Houston, TX 77072 · Phone: (281) 496-2177.

Why park?

In observance of the CDC guideline and the need to maintain a good atmosphere, keep social distance as well as free entry and exit for the public benefit, this venue is strategic enough to keep everyone safe.

At the Park

  1. Volunteer’s hut– where new and existing volunteers can serve and help those in need. This is where Need Application Forms can be completed and new volunteers can be recruited.
  2. Exhibitors/Vendors Stand– We designate each tree at the park for Vendors and exhibitors. This is also where our sponsors can have their special stands to showcase their product and give out their free gifts
  3. Partners Place– We consider giving all our partners a special place to work with us. Related non-profits can provide their free services to those in Need. This includes free health checks, packaged food according to safety standards and other free gift items.
  4. Story Bridge– The park has a unique place for story telling where the media can capture inspiring stories from our sponsors and partners. This is where God’s word of hope can be freely shared at the park
  5. Food Stands- These are places for food and drinks as provided by our vendors and partners,
  6. Children Playground– These are places where children can play and have fun during the outreach.
  7. Wildlife area– These areas are outside the outreach zone. However, participants can view some

We provide adequate security at the park working with the Houston Police Department for safety. Private security will also be available to support the event.

*Free both online and in-person


Afternoon Session– Thanksgiving/Project Launch (free)

This session is a crucial moment for us to return thanks to God. And also introduce life transforming projects to the world. While thanksgiving will extend at the park, we are holding an organized thanksgiving session and project launch at a different venue for corporate and multimedia presentations.

Thanksgiving Venue- Funplex Houston- 13700 Beechnut St, Houston, TX 77083

*Free both online and in-person

Evening Session– Gala & Award Night (Paid)

Award Night is a special time to recognize and reward great works and various contributions of those making the difference around the world, especially fighting poverty.

At the Award Nights:

Deserving Volunteers will be given Awards

Red Carpet for dignitaries and celebrities

Speakers will be speaking on life changing topics

Medals and special awards will be given to deserving nominees

Needs Applications Forms will be presented before our sponsors and philanthropists for help

Sponsors will Gold and Platinum Sponsors speaking at the award night.

  • The Award Night is a paid event due to limited space and restricted to the VIPs

However, interested people can join this event with just $10 online. Certificate of Attendance will be issued to all attendees whether in-person or virtual.