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We know that millions of poor people around the world do not have access to TV and those who have televisions cannot afford to subscribe to Netflix, Roku TV or other streaming networks. FTPTV.NET is designed to bridge the gap by creating this movie streaming platform that is most economical and affordable for all. With just a dollar, you can enjoy unlimited movies for a month and $10 allows you to have access to 12 months of unlimited entertainment. You may sign up your friends and family for FTPTV.NET and use this as a special gift to enjoy. Make them happy and excite them today. Click the button below for a great experience.
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Proposed FTPTV.ORG Are you a media expert or practitioner? Join us today for FTPTV.ORG dedicated TV Channel to eradicate poverty and give voice to the voiceless. By 2030 FTPTV will be streaming across the globe like CNN. To partner with us on this project, email us now:

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