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FTP grants & NAF Scholarships

August 2nd is a great moment for Feed The Poor Foundation to award grants to applicants who are qualified. Grant could be given to deserving individuals and startups/young entrepreneurs especially women through our Widow Mite Program. For more information on FTP Grant, contact our admin on +1 855-WFT-POOR.

NAF is administered only on August 2nd during the morning outreach. Need Application Form is provided online or through our volunteers who help in gathering the need in our local communities and other places around the world. We expect a huge number of applications which is why NAF is just for August 2nd. Once it closes at 12 midnight, until 7am of the next event.

We trust God by working with our donors, sponsors and partners to meet the needs presented on August 2nd. We have 12 calendar months to work on those needs. Priority is given to health-related needs for children, women, Veterans and families with low income. Next is Education for Children etc.

Corporate Partners’ Scholarship

Our partners take delight in supporting those in need, especially the less privileged individuals aspiring to attain greatness in education and professional careers.  We connect those in need of scholarship with potential sponsors during and after the event. This includes government and private academic scholarships.

Philanthropic grants & support

Feed The Poor Foundation is committed to working with various philanthropists around the world to help in identifying those in need of small business grants especially deprived women in rural areas. While appreciating great philanthropists of our time, we encourage them to do more in supporting the poor children, women and men in dire need.